Cvs and updating to head

As Fred Brooks observed, adding more developers to a project can increase the costs of communication substantially.

One way to reduce these costs is for developers to work semi-independently on the code while remaining aware of, and staying up-to-date with, modifications by other team members. Furthermore, the repository should not be the same directory as your source code.

To do this, use one of the following commands: If a svn update resulted in a merge conflict, Subversion will remember which files have conflicts and refuse to commit any changes to those files until explicitly told that the conflicts have been resolved.

The following list describes various ways you can synchronize a project in Net Beans IDE, depending on your specific situation: If you already have a CVS versioned project which you have been working with outside of the IDE, you can open it in the IDE and versioning features will automatically become available to you.Hello everybody out there using CVS, When I add a new file to a branch and then merge this file into the HEAD, CVS keeps updating this file after changing between HEAD and branch or vice versa by "cvs up -A" or "cvs up -r branch" although the file itself hasn't been changed.Files that were added before the creation of the branch aren't updated after these commands, if they haven't changed.The IDE scans your open projects and if they contain directories, file status and context-sensitive support automatically becomes active for CVS versioned projects.If you want to connect to a remote repository from the IDE, then check out files and immediately begin working with them, do the following: Alternately, you can import a project you have been working on in the IDE to a remote repository, then continue to work on it in the IDE after it has become versioned with the CVS repository.

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