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He is an American stand-in destined to guardians Jeanne and Paul Olsen.

He is the more seasoned of sibling performing artist Eric Christian Olsen.

Last month at Comic-Con we talked to Ruah about how she and her character have changed going into the eighth season, the “Densi” relationship, and how real life influenced the narrative of Kensi’s storyline.

We now have an equal household, a male dog, a female dog, a son, daughter, a mom and a dad.

Although Eric gallantly offers to move in the video, what you don’t see was that he arrived first, and originally sat on the right, but moved, as he thought it would be funnier for Daniela to be dripped on.

David Paul Olsen was born in January 2, 1976 in Moline, Illinois, United States.

After 3 days of lovely weather, fun and cosplay, I’m now back a Geektown HQ, with a mountain of videos and audio to edit over the next few days for your enjoyment!

The next one we have for you was a highly entertaining chat with ‘NCIS: LA‘ stars Eric Christian Olsen & Daniela Ruah!

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