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: “There are things that I’m good at and there are things that are just not for me.

I’m not gonna play a cop, I’m not gonna play a doctor … I’d rather be in [roles] that are really verbal and smart and funny.

" and I'm like, "I'm mauling her, that's why."' On Saturday, however, Lauren's attention was entirely devoted to Gilmore Girls when she convened with her former cast for a discussion of their hit show, where Amy elaborated on plans for a film or reboot of the show. Ours were at least 85 and we almost never cut anything,' Lauren said.

'We could never say, "You’re not going to use this scene." We just had to speed it up.

Beside the panic of never working again, the excitement of the possibilities is great, too. There are people who have liked her with different guys. The other side of getting to do an ending is that everyone has an opinion about what it should be, including myself and the writers and the other actors. As nice as it will be to have an ending, it’s also very personal. We were all talking about a scene the other day where I’m trying to tell them about drugs and alcohol and the evils and they’re making fun of me behind my back. In another, partially because Peter [Krause] directed the episode, we’re looking through Jason Ritter’s yearbook and Peter had the idea to put him in a dorky wrestling outfit. Everybody contributes on this show and some of those little innovations have made things special.

Part of the actor thing too is that you play pretend at something for a while and then you get to tell a new story. But that’s the funny thing about this business, you have to make a plan and then be open to it not working out. That was appealing to me having done something that was peppy and heroic. I think it’s satisfying, but I think it’s a little polarizing.

I feel the fans have embraced that as “Here’s my hour where I can identify with these people, but it’s not me so I can enjoy crying or enjoy having an emotional release.” That’s our jobs as storytellers, to make a connection. In each of these characters we have some moments that most people – or many people – go through in life. I knew things live on in reruns, but even that was sort of a shock when younger girls would talk about it and had found it.

actress Sarah Ramos graduated from Columbia University (no, not Yale), and to celebrate she had the perfect TV show crossover cake.

alum, the platinum 'do was a bit too extreme on Karrueche. Although, maybe Miz Tran was trying this severe makeover so that her crazzzzy ex Chris Brown wouldn't recognize her at the award show. Breezy, don't forget you HAVE to stay away from the 29-year-old! The actress arrived to the BET Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday with her glowing skin on full display!

The actress made the comments when she reunited with her former co-stars Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, Jared Padalecki, Kelly Bishop, and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino just before an appearance at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas on Saturday.

Speaking of pitching the show to executives, Amy recalled: 'It was a total fluke, I sold it off of a line.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 23: Actress Lauren Graham (L) and her husband actor Peter Krause arrive at the premiere of Warner Bros.

Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures' 'Max' at the Egyptian Theatre on June 23, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

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