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Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur made her stage debut in Indian awards show, Stardust Awards 2017 on superstar Salman Khan’s hit songs.Iulia who is a model, actor and singer is rumoured to be in a steady relationship with Salman and seeing the 36-year-old get a massive stage presence did not surprise the live audiences and viewers back could be used as good platform to boost artists' career.He says he has a hunch that the reality show's host Salman Khan might give a chance to Elli Avram in his films.The 51-year-old actor loves to promote young talent and newcomers in Bollywood.Salman Khan is also widely known for having a soft side to his close female friends who are without doubt hot individuals.I don’t give any answer to these rumours and articles. I don’t even acknowledge because I think it’ll only lead to more of them.So if they want to talk about it, I cannot stop them.”Elli, however, is quick to add that she has found a close friend and confidante in Salman.

That’s when I realised how huge the show has made me.” While Elli was a part of the show, Salman’s fondness towards her was evident and even after coming out of the show, she was often spotted at his family gatherings and parties.

Talking about the change in her life after coming to India, she had said, ''The change in my life that I have gone through has been tremendous.

This holds true for anyone who gains popularity after leading a life away from the limelight.'' ''Personally, I have become more conscious not only about my looks, but also my health.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is known for having a big heart.

The actor is recognised for his generosity and everyone swears by Salman’s kindness in the film fraternity.

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Elli Avram became an overnight sensation after participating in Salman Khan's reality show Bigg Boss.

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