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"That’s the big thing." Since it's not evident that Thorne and Sulkin ever spoke about these photos, let alone came to an agreement, she would theoretically be able to defend herself were he to sue.While we don't know Thorne's exact motivations for retweeting the photos, her intentions can be read a couple of ways.They put her in figure skating, and she hoped to compete at the national level, with her sights set on the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver until she tore a ligament in her knee.Some nights during elementary school, Jennifer would come home from skating practice at 10 p.m., do homework until midnight, then head to bed. She began cutting herself—little horizontal cuts on her forearms.Needless to say, he was a little too stunned to explain himself.

By elementary school, she’d racked up a trophy case full of awards.Per the actress's Twitter bio, she's located in "LA Baby," so we can assume that's where the act took place."According to the penal code in California, it’s actually not illegal what she did," he says.The nitty-gritty details can be found in California Penal Code 647 (j)(4)(A), but essentially it's illegal for a person to distribute nude photos of another person "There needs to be an implicit understanding between the parties that the image will not be disseminated to other people," Szalkiewicz says.What “identity politics” means depends on whom you ask: It can apply to racial, sexual, gender or national movements of all stripes, and it is by no means necessarily hostile to class politics.But in the Clinton campaign’s hands, and in the prevailing neoliberal rhetoric that champions boardroom diversity as political triumph, it most certainly is.

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